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the most common question...

...we are asked is "what is coaching"? The simplest answer is a deliberate, focused, and highly structured way of working to identify your goals and find ways to reach those goals. Coaching is based on the belief that you have the ability to do anything you want to do and with support and guildance, can be successful in whatever your goals are. 


...can be used as a very powerful tool to make lasting lifestyle changes.  Often when someone is diagnosed with a health condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure, they are told by their doctors to lose weight, watch your salt intake, exercise more, and other things that aren't always that easy to achieve. Sure, there is a glut of information on the internet, PInterest is full of diets and menus and recipes, but do you really know how to change your lifestyle to manage or even eliminate your health issues? The billion dollar weight loss, and pharmaceutical industries would argue most people do not. 

Wellness coaching will enable you to make intentional choices with nutrition and exercise by setting challenging, but attainable goals. You will be accountable to yourself during your coaching sessions in the way that YOU want to be accountable. 


...follows the same principles of wellness coaching, but with the intention of working on whatever goals you might have at the current time. You may have heard the terms "life coach" or "lifestyle coach" or even "career coach", these are all accurate descriptions of what coaching can be.  Cognitive Coaching is a specific method to help you identify areas for growth, areas of strength, and directions to take to build on your strengths and successes. 

An example of a cognitive coaching session might be a professional who has just been given a new project and she is not sure how she will be able to balance the new responsibilities. Cognitive coaching will help her work through the problem of balancing the responsibilities from her perspective of the problem, not the coaches! 


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