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Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body


making yoga accessible to all...

...this is at the core of our philosophy. We believe in creating programs that promote and enable success in any pose, routine, or program.  Ken now has advanced training working with those who have neuromuscular conditions, such as MS and Parkinson's and is looking forward to being a part of this specialized teaching community. 

yoga moves ms

Mindy Eisenberg MHSA, E-RYT-500 is the founder of Yoga Moves MS and author of  Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body.  Yoga Moves MS provides teacher training and specialized classes in the Metro Detroit area.  

Yoga for All Workshop

Yoga for all workshop with dianne bondy

Ken attended a Yoga for All workshop at Namaste Yoga in Royal Oak held by Dianne Bondy. Dianne is a nationally recognized yoga instructor who teaches about making yoga accessible to everyone and helps yogis find poses that accommodate different limitations, abilities, and body types.  This approach helps make yoga more available, which helps people enjoy the benefits of a regular yoga practice. 

Please be sure to check out her website, follow all her social media and read about her amazing story! 


Yin Yoga Level I Training

Yin Yoga training with Lynne Baum

Ken finished 20 hours Yin Yoga Level I training with Lynne Baum, a dynamic instructor with the first Yin-only studio in Michigan. Yin yoga practice focuses on building strength and flexibility. Poses in a yin practice are held for several minutes, targeting connective tissue and ligaments.  

Read more about Lynne and all of the incredible classes, retreats, and trainings she offers!